Free Photoshoot!

Opportunity in joining us for photo shoots in the Ohio Area! This is optional not mandatory. You can still be a promoter and live across the country! Promoting us all about promoting our clothes online and telling your followers to use your discount code.

Ambassador Appreciation

Earn free gifts and enter in our giveaways that was exclusive to our Tease Babes! Starting December 1st we are sending our first round of ambassadors a thank you gift!

Gain Extra $$$

Earn 10% of that commission per sale after your discount code has been used over 5 times! Using your own code is a great way to easily start adding to your code usage so you can be featured on our page with your top and earn money. 


  • Follow @teasetops on Instagram
  • DM us requesting to be an ambassador
  • Get your special ambassador discount code
  • (Optional) Put your discount code in your bio and say that you are a brand ambassador for Tease Tops!