Meet Ally Santiago. She is 21 years old from Brooklyn, NY. She is originally from Seattle, Washington and moved to NY to pursue her career in fashion. She loves getting glammed up and putting outfits together even if she isn't going anywhere! She has recently joined our ambassador program and has become a Teasebabe!

Meet Remi Okam. She is 25 years old from Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently attending cosmetology school for hair and makeup. She has also recently joined our ambassador program and became a Tease Babe! One thing she loves about Tease is that they have funny shirts. "Quality over quantity."

Meet Ashley Wilson. She is 20 years old from Akron, Ohio. She is funny, outgoing and likes to stay positive! She is currently attending community college to and trying out classes to see what career path she wants to pursue. Ashley currently has been very involved in different theatre porgrams. She also really likes creating hair tutorials on Youtube and wants to gain her following.